Resting in Peace
My Angel
My Love For Now
And Eternity

Lady lynne

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In Loving Memory





I Love you today

As I did from the start

I’ll Love you foreve

with all my heart





Nights and days, my dreams come true

My heart my love, I devote to you

For all tomorrows, the rest of time

My heart my love, for you so fine


Glistening Peaks of Crystal Spires

Cold winter Nights, By Flickering Fires
A Beacon of Beauty, To Light the Way
Forever in Your Arms, I Will Stay



Eyes so Bright, A Diamond Flash
Smile so warm, as a Summer Breeze
Memories Everlasting, Visions of You
My Love for You, a Love so True



Rainbows End, No Pot of Gold
Tears of Sorrow, No one to Hold
Just Sweet Memories that Unfold
And a Life, That Remains Untold




There is no Escape, I am Locked Inside

A Dream world Where, You Are By My Side
I Wouldn’t Leave, Even Given the Key,
Co's In This World, You Are Here With Me



I Hold Your Hands, Your Lips Meet Mine

A Kiss, A Love, To Last for All Time
Your Eyes so Warm, Your Smile so Bright
I'll See You Again, In my Dreams Tonight



Across the Miles, and Many Years

Days and Nights, The Countless Tears
Reality Remains A Life Untold,
Sweet Dreams of You are all I Hold
If Only Dreams, Could come True
My Heart Eternally, I Give to You


I Close my Eyes, You are With Me
Together, Forever, How it Should Be
My Love is Unbounded, My Passion is True
Never will I Love, Another as You



I hold your hands

Your lips meet mine

A kiss a love to last for all time

Your eyes so warm, your smile so bright

I'll see you again in my dreams tonight




I feel a warmth, A love inside
Feelings for you, I cannot Hide
Arms are waiting, Open Wide
Longing to Hold You by My Side
A Loving Kiss, A Tender Smile
Tears of Joy, Not of Sorrow
I'll by Yours, and You’ll be Mine
Loving Each Other, Till the End of Time


The Saddened Tears, That Span The Years
The Memories of Love, They Fail to Hide
Memories of You, My Love so True
Memories of you, By My Side


Crystal Spires, Warm Open Fires
Lost in Thoughts, Dreams and Desires
Hand in Hand, Together we Two
Forever my Heart, Belongs to You


Valley Mists, and Mountains High

Are Dwarfed by the Beauty, Within You Eyes
Forever and Always, The Tears I cry
My Love, My Life, Until I Die


These Feelings of Sorrow, Deep Inside
Feelings of Love, I Cannot Hide
Over Time and Distance, They Still Reside
Forever we Two, Side by Side


 Warm Summer Sun,
Soft Spring Rain
Saying 'I Love You'
Again and Again


From Warm Summer Nights, With Stars Shining Bright
To Picturesque Mountains, Where Rivers Run Pure
Summer Sun, and Moonlit Nights
These Feelings, These Thoughts

Eternal Delights

Sweet Dreams of You
If Only Just One Would ever come True
My Life Forever; I'd spend with You



From the day that we met,

Our Hearts Became One,

With a Love Never Ending,

And feelings so strong.



Though now were apart,

Our Souls still Entwine,

Eternal our Love, we Forever impart,

Now, Forever, The Rest of Time,

Our Love, Our Hearts, Remain Divine.



Angel of the Morning,

Angel of the Night

Your Loving Arms,

Made Everything Right



Lofty pines on misty mountains

Gentle breezes fill the air

Through my tears I hear your whisper,

And You tell me your OK


You tell me that you love me

And are pleased that I still Care

To ease My pain you tell me

I should be pleased to hear you say

My pain has finally Gone Now

And in Heaven you’ll wait for me.


Lofty pines on misty mountains

Gentle breezes fill the air

Through my tears I hear your whisper,

and You tell me your OK


In Heaven I’ll wait my darling

Till You come and Join me

Like we planed my Darling

Eternal our love will be,

Just the way we always Said

Together eternally, .... Together eternally




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